Our Meetings

We are a friendly group of people with a mix of ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences who all share a common condition: living with essential tremor as a patient, family member, or friend.

Our meetings provide a safe place to meet others who immediately relate to our challenges …a place to talk, support each other, and be inspired. Through a mix of open/informal discussions and formal/speaker programs, we exchange ideas and successes and learn about new coping techniques, assistive devices, cutting edge research, and emerging medications.

The atmosphere is relaxed, confidential, and positive. Everyone is welcome to share, but nobody has to! Family and friends are also invited to contribute. They, too, live with ET…just from a different perspective! We have very few “musts”:

  • respect and listen to each other
  • remember that what’s said in the group stays in the group
  • ask for help with refreshments, name tags, etc., if you need it
  • oh …and silence cell phones during our meeting

We invite you to join us!

We think you’ll leave our meetings with a smile on your face and find that the ideas you’ve heard and the connections you’ve made will stay with you for a long time!

The CT essential tremor support group is sponsored byIETF logo tagline 10162012

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