Useful Links

The links below will bring you to helpful information about essential tremor, interesting research projects, and easy ways to participate in – and help – the ET community:

  • Find clinical trials that might be of interest to you
  • Log onto Amazon through this page and IETF will earn .5% on all of your Amazon purchases
  • Participate in the Essential Tremor Patient Registry to help ET research
  • Browse through IETF’s comprehensive list of assistive devices (including technology)
  • Learn more about the assistive LiftWare spoon …and/or the Lift Pulse app for your smart phone
  • A team of researchers from Quebec has identified unusually high levels of a certain protein in the brains of people suffering from ET …read more
  • Researchers in Korea have built a flexible electronic skin patch that’s thinner than a sheet of paper and can detect subtle tremors, release drugs stored inside nanoparticles on demand, and record all of this activity for review later …read more
  • Take a look at this exciting operating room of the future that uses focused ultrasound
  • Three gloves have been – or are in the process of being – developed to help with hand tremors: (1) Readi-Steadi Glove invented by Krista Madere, LOTR, from the NeuroMedical Center Clinic (2) TremorX weighted glove developed by Columbus Academy Students (3) Gyro Glove currently under development by a team of engineers, designers, and medics from Imperial College London.

…and on a lighter side, we just might have a theme song!

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