Weighted gloves for hand tremors?

Four inventive students are developing weighted gloves specifically to lessen hand tremors! They call their creation TremorX and say it reduces hand tremors by about 65%. Click here to read about them and their amazing creation.

7 thoughts on “Weighted gloves for hand tremors?

  1. I sure could use these gloves. I heard about them at an ET meeting this month. Thought they were available for purchase by now. but I can’t find out how to order them. I sure hope they’re not expensive as I live on a very fixed income. 😦

  2. Hi
    I’d love to buy the gloves for my father who is 76 living in Ireland and suffers with Parkinson’s.

    Can you please tell me where I could buy them?

    Kind regards


    • I have no way to personally track the development of these gloves ..but if I learn of any progress or availability, I will certainly post that information. You might also be interested to learn that an occupational therapist with a strong background in neurology and orthopedics has invented another weighted glove called Readi Steadi. An article about the Readi Steadi glove was included in the May 2015 issue of Tremor Talk, the magazine published by the International Essential Tremor Foundation. I will be posting about the Readi Steadi glove shortly ..and here too, will post any future news I learn about its availability for purchase.

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