Please Join Us for a Virtual Meeting on August 1st!

Saturday, August 1, 2020
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

How New Drugs Are Developed, plus an
Update on an ET-specific drug tested in Clinical Trial
presented by Tim Piser, PhD and Amber Trzeciak, MS

Tim Piser, PhD, is the Chief Scientific Officer at Cadent Therapeutics. Tim earned his PhD in pharmacology from the University of Minnesota. He has passionately pursued the discovery and development of neuroscience therapeutics for almost two decades in big pharma and in biotech, most notably at AstraZeneca and FORUM Pharmaceuticals. There, he led neuropharmacology teams and both NDA and nicotinic receptor drug discovery projects and product development teams from lead optimization through Phase 2 trials. Tim leverages collaborative scientific insight and quantitative translational pharmacology to find innovative paths to discover and develop potential breakthrough medicines.

Amber Trzeciak, MS, is Cadent’s Patient Partnership and Advocacy Manager, as well as Executive Assistant to its R&D Department.

At this virtual meeting, Tim and Amber will educate us on how new drugs are created and developed. They will also give us a history of Cadent’s CAD-1883 (an ET-specific drug that has been tested in clinical trial), together with an update on this trial.

Inquiries are invited!
Registration is required no later than noon on Wednesday, July 29th!

To register or request information, email Helen Moser or submit the form below.

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