We’re off to a great start!

Thirteen people attended our first CT support group meeting on December 7th. We started with a discussion of our group’s goals and rules. Privacy and confidentiality were stressed so that everyone could comfortably share with total confidence. (See the Our Meetings page for more information on how we conduct our meetings.)

The first half of our meeting was spent getting to know each other and sharing our ET stories. An instant comaraderie was evident! How heartwarming it is to be in a room full of people who immediately and completely understand everything we say!

To ensure that our group meets the needs of all, next on the agenda was a discussion of topics that members would like to see addressed at future meetings. Those ideas will be incorporated into planning upcoming agendas. We then talked about such diverse assistive devices as the new Liftware spoon, the Lift Pulse app, Chinese soup spoons, straws and “sippy” cups, double-handled cups, caffeine alternatives, and voice activated software.

Dr. Duarte Machado, our group’s Medical Director, graciously answered questions whenever they arose. He also updated us on focused ultrasound research.

Everyone received an International Essential Tremor Foundation awareness button. IETF wallet cards were distributed to all, and informational materials on a variety of ET topics were available. Refreshments were enjoyed throughout the meeting, and everyone left feeling that the birth of our new group was indeed a success!

If you missed our December meeting, we do hope you’ll join us for our next one on February 1st!

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