Join Us on December 5th for Two Exciting Presentations via Zoom!

Saturday, December 5, 2020
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Advancing DBS Therapy to Treat Essential Tremor
presented by Movement Disorder Neurologist Dr. Drew Falconer
Steadi-Two, Steadiwear’s second-generation tremor stabilization device
presented by Steadiwear Founders Mark Elias and Emile Maamary

At this virtual meeting, Dr. Falconer will discuss the latest advancements to Abbott DBS and the innovations in the way the therapy is delivered and how it is controlled.

Dr. Drew Falconer is Board Certified in Neurology and is a fellowship-trained Movement Disorders Specialist at Georgetown University. Currently he serves as Co-Medical Director at the Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center in Virginia. Dr. Falconer specializes in advanced care of patients with essential tremor, Parkinson’s Disease, and other movement disorders. He became interested in neurology and movement disorders after seeing the impact that quality, compassionate care combined with cutting-edge pharmacology and technology could have on a patient’s condition. His goal is to work with his patients to restore the quality of life they deserve.


Mark Elias and Emile Maamary will explain Steadiwear’s flagship product Steadi-One, an FDA registered Class I medical device that stabilizes the wrist joint for individuals with essential tremor. The battery-free Steadi-One technology was inspired by leading-edge earthquake dampers used in buildings.

Steadiwear Steadi-One Glove

…and present the Steadi-Two, a miniaturized version currently under development with very promising results! It is still battery-free and will be based on magnetic tuned damping technology, a novel class of stabilization systems. The system will weigh under 1 pound. A live demonstration of the Steadi-Two device will be conducted with a vibration simulator. PS: Mark and Emile will also announce plans for their Steadi-Two clinical trial, as well as an exciting opportunity for individuals who participate in its beta release!

Steadiwear Steadi-Two Glove

The Steadiwear Team: Mark Elias – CEO and Co-Founder – has a background in structural engineering and entrepreneurship, while Emile Maamary – CFO and Co-Founder – has a background in marketing and management. After being introduced as neighbors in 2014, the founders discovered that both their families suffer from tremors. A sense of compassion has united them and fueled their resolve to change the game for tremor sufferers by developing groundbreaking tremor stabilization technology. Both Mark and Emile have been working on Steadiwear full time since January 2016.

Inquiries are invited!
Registration is required no later than noon on Wednesday, December 2nd!

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