We’ll Discuss 2 Interesting Topics at our December 3rd Meeting!

Saturday, December 3, 2022
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Rehabilitation Strategies and Essential Tremor
presented by Physical Therapist Megan Rood, MSPT, CBIS, CSRS
Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network


Updates on the Cala Trio Wrist Device
presented by Debbie Donovan, Director, Market Development, HCP
and Liana Hennum, Head of Healthcare Economics Outcomes Research
and Ben, a Cala Trio user, will demonstrate its use and effectiveness

How Does PT and Exercise Impact Essential Tremor?
At this meeting, we will discuss the different types of exercise that can be beneficial for assisting in managing tremor, including strengthening, aquatics and mindfulness. We will also discuss different available wellness classes that are offered and how they may be beneficial for management of ET.

Megan Rood is a Physical Therapist at Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network in Vernon, CT. She has been working in outpatient neurology based clinics since graduating in 2005 from Northeastern University.

Megan is LSVT BIG and Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery certified, providing her with additional education on the treatment and management of movement disorders. She also completed the Parkinson’s Foundation Allied Team Training and is active in developing the standards of treatment and care for Hartford HealthCare Rehab Network. Megan is a Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, which have both allowed her a better understanding of different neurological diagnoses.

She has presented to patients and caregivers on different topics including Essential Tremor, Balance and Fall Prevention and the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Movement Disorders at the national, state and local levels.


Updates on the Cala Trio
Cala Trio therapy is the world’s only non-invasive, drug-free, wrist-worn treatment that addresses the root cause of essential tremor with electrical stimulation known as neuromodulation. And the exciting news is that Cala Trio has just been approved for insurance coverage by Medicare and other insurance companies!

At this meeting, Cala Trio user Ben will demonstrate the use – and effectiveness – of this assistive device.

Debbie Donovan (Director, Market Development, HCP) and Liana Hennum (Head of Healthcare Economics Outcomes Research) will present additional information on the device and respond to any questions you may have about the Cala Trio and/or its insurance coverage. Brian Burke (Northeast territory Manager) will also attend.

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Join Us on December 4th for Two Exciting Presentations via Zoom!

Saturday, December 4, 2021
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Understanding Essential Voice Tremor (EVT)
and the Benefits of Speech Therapy
presented by Sylvia Fisher,
Speech-Language Pathology Director, Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network
The Readi-Steadi® Orthotic Glove System for Hand Tremor
presented by its Inventor Krista Madere,
Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills. Essential tremor can result in involuntary movements that impact the larynx, vocal folds and throat causing the voice to tremble. This presentation will review the symptoms of vocal tremor and how speech therapy can help you regain control of your voice.

Sylvia Fisher is the Speech-Language Pathology Program Director for the Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network. She received her master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Southern Connecticut State University and has worked with adults across all levels of rehabilitative care for more than 20 years.

Sylvia has vast experience working with individuals affected by neurological conditions resulting in communication and swallowing disorders. Her passion for innovative and best practice has led to standardized programs for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease such as SPEAKOUT!, respiratory muscle training, surface electromyography and biofeedback systems, as well as other exercise-based rehabilitative programs to treat speech, voice and swallowing disorders.

Sylvia serves on the Connecticut Speech and Hearing Association Medical Speech Pathology Committee and is a member of the American Hearing and Speech Association.


Krista Madere, LOTC, CHT will discuss her patented Ready-Steadi® Orthotic Glove System, the only assistive device for hand tremor currently covered by most insurance companies (including Medicare and the VA). Krista states “At the completion of this presentation, attendees will…understand the basic anatomy of overactive muscles commonly observed in patients with tremor disorders. Finally, they will understand the rationale of how fine motor and hand control is effectively restored as a result of this device.

Krista has worked in various in-patient and out-patient settings over the past 20 years managing the treatment of adults diagnosed with various orthopedic and neurological disorders. As a certified hand therapist, she has advanced knowledge and experience primarily of the elbow, wrist, and hand.

In response to a need – and after watching her patients and grandfather suffer – Krista invented and patented the Readi-Steadi® Orthotic Glove System in 2015. Each unique system is custom fabricated for the individual and is based on proven neurological principles. She is honored to collaborate care with movement disorder specialists and therapists throughout the country and remains dedicated to each individual fitted so they achieve maximum functional benefit.

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Join Us on December 5th for Two Exciting Presentations via Zoom!

Saturday, December 5, 2020
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Advancing DBS Therapy to Treat Essential Tremor
presented by Movement Disorder Neurologist Dr. Drew Falconer
Steadi-Two, Steadiwear’s second-generation tremor stabilization device
presented by Steadiwear Founders Mark Elias and Emile Maamary

At this virtual meeting, Dr. Falconer will discuss the latest advancements to Abbott DBS and the innovations in the way the therapy is delivered and how it is controlled.

Dr. Drew Falconer is Board Certified in Neurology and is a fellowship-trained Movement Disorders Specialist at Georgetown University. Currently he serves as Co-Medical Director at the Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center in Virginia. Dr. Falconer specializes in advanced care of patients with essential tremor, Parkinson’s Disease, and other movement disorders. He became interested in neurology and movement disorders after seeing the impact that quality, compassionate care combined with cutting-edge pharmacology and technology could have on a patient’s condition. His goal is to work with his patients to restore the quality of life they deserve.


Mark Elias and Emile Maamary will explain Steadiwear’s flagship product Steadi-One, an FDA registered Class I medical device that stabilizes the wrist joint for individuals with essential tremor. The battery-free Steadi-One technology was inspired by leading-edge earthquake dampers used in buildings.

Steadiwear Steadi-One Glove

…and present the Steadi-Two, a miniaturized version currently under development with very promising results! It is still battery-free and will be based on magnetic tuned damping technology, a novel class of stabilization systems. The system will weigh under 1 pound. A live demonstration of the Steadi-Two device will be conducted with a vibration simulator. PS: Mark and Emile will also announce plans for their Steadi-Two clinical trial, as well as an exciting opportunity for individuals who participate in its beta release!

Steadiwear Steadi-Two Glove

The Steadiwear Team: Mark Elias – CEO and Co-Founder – has a background in structural engineering and entrepreneurship, while Emile Maamary – CFO and Co-Founder – has a background in marketing and management. After being introduced as neighbors in 2014, the founders discovered that both their families suffer from tremors. A sense of compassion has united them and fueled their resolve to change the game for tremor sufferers by developing groundbreaking tremor stabilization technology. Both Mark and Emile have been working on Steadiwear full time since January 2016.

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April 4th Meeting Rescheduled!

Please note that the word is RESCHEDULED, not cancelled!

With several cases of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) confirmed in Connecticut – and given our nation’s current state of emergency and CDC guidelines – we have rescheduled our April 4th meeting. (Because the ability to actually see and try the various state-of-the-art assistive devices currently available is so exciting, this agenda is far too important to simply cancel.)

Our June 6th meeting is already booked with another important agenda (details to be announced shortly) …so our Assistive Devices agenda will be rescheduled to our August 1st meeting.

Please be sure to mark your calendars for both June 6th and August 1st because you won’t want to miss either topic …and please stay safe and healthy!

April 4th: A Unique Meeting and a Special Opportunity!

You won’t want to miss our April 4th meeting….it’s a unique format and an awesome opportunity to literally see and try several different assistive devices!

Samples (and in some cases, reps) will be available from:

  1. LiftWare
  2. Tremelo
  3. Steadi-One Glove
  4. Cala Trio
  5. Steady Type
  6. plus a rep from Encora Inc, the group of MIT graduates who will be recruiting people in our area to participate in their study for the development of a new wrist device! (Although based in the Boston area, they are willing to schedule tests in Connecticut.)

…and we’re still working on trying (and hoping) to get participation from the Readi-Steadi glove.

After a brief presentation on all of the above devices, we’ll have each device (and a rep/facilitator) set up at different tables with plenty of time for each of you to have the opportunity to really try and determine which of these amazing developments might be appropriate and life changing for you!

Details of the meeting:

  • Date and time: Saturday, April 4th, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Location: Main Floor Conference Room at Hartford HealthCare Health Center – Cheshire (this is not a hospital, but the beautiful new facility that houses the Cheshire offices of Hartford HealthCare’s Ayer Neuroscience Institute Movement Disorders Center as well as other outpatient programs)
  • Address: 280 South Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410
  • Parking: large outdoor lot on premises
  • Click here for a map and driving directions

    Registration is requested – Inquiries are invited!

    To register or request information, email Helen Moser or submit the form below.

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