We’re Exploring Life Hacks at our October 1st Meeting!

Saturday, October 1, 2022
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
via Zoom

There is a Way!
..we Just Have to Find It!

presented by Nichole Wilton (aka Shakey Nan)

Meet Shakey Nan in her own words:
“My name is Nichole Wilton and I am 51 yrs old in a few weeks. I live an hour inland from Sydney in Australia. I have an amazing husband, 4 biological children, 1 stepson and 4 grandchildren so far. I have had ET all my life or to me I was just a nervous person until I was diagnosed at 27yrs old. Having still, to this day, lived longer thinking it was “just me”, it is actually a normal way of life to me, I have never known a day without shaking. ET is hereditary in my family from both my Mother and Fathers sides although I am the only to have it from birth. Now all 4 of my children have ET and I want to help find that cure now more than ever before my grandchildren get it too.”

At this meeting, Nichole will share many of the work-arounds she’s developed that help with activities of daily living.

We both invite you to bring your questions and personal solutions to this dynamic discussion.

​Inquiries are invited!
Registration is required no later than noon on Wednesday, September 28th!

To register or request information, email Helen Moser or submit the form below.

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