Have you joined the essential tremor registry?

The essential tremor registry is a simple – yet powerful – way ET patients can help the research community. A few minutes of your time assists in the creation of a comprehensive database of ET patients that helps researchers better understand the condition. When you register and opt in, your de-identified medical information (meaning it does not include any identifying information) is pooled with information from all other participants. You continue to own your data, and you can opt out at any time. What an easy way to contribute to essential tremor research efforts! Click here to learn more about the IETF essential tremor national registry …or here to participate.

IETF webcasts are now available online!

The International Essential Tremor Foundation offered three live webcasts over the past year. Each program included the diagnosis of ET, together with treatment options and current research. If you missed any of these informative programs, you can now watch them online!  Presenters were Dr. Arif Dalvi in Chicago; Drs. Kelvin Chou and Parag Patil in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Dr. Rebecca Tat in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since each physician discusses essential tremor from a unique experience and perspective, it is definitely worthwhile to view all three! [Funding for these IETF webinars was provided by the Medtronic Foundation.]